Monday, September 19, 2011


Hutang 2 - Part 2

Tujuan : Rehearsal nyanyian untuk persaraan Guru Besar (Year 4 & 5)

T : S****, I****, A*****, come here please.

T : Is there any problem here? Why don't you sing properly as before?
S : No teacher ... It is because ... We don't like Year 4 la teacher.
T : Ok, why? Tell me.
S : Teacher, they write on the FB wall that we are cheap.
T : *Surprise* Owh, ok. Then?
S : That's why we don't like them. They even like to fight with us. They scold us teacher.
T : Ok, alright. Thank you for telling me this.

and the teacher continued talking in convincing these three students about life and friendship as well as to get them cooperate with the rehearsal well. Alhamdulillah, Allah really helped the teachers and the performance turned out to be so well. Sweet memory. =)


Haish, dulu suatu masa cikgu pening dengan masalah vandalism anak murid tak puas hati conteng-conteng dalam tandas sampaikan tercetusnya pergaduhan antara kelas. Nampaknya sekarang ni cara gaduh dan vandalism lebih advance pula, menconteng dekat FB wall.

Dulu : Vandalism conteng dinding tandas
Kini : Vandalism conteng dinding FB

Moral : Banyak manfaatnya FB jika tahu guna dengan betul.

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