Tuesday, August 25, 2009


alhamdulillah..after few seconds,minutes,hours,days and weeks..we were struggling with our scripted lesson plan for the micro teaching assessment, doing rehearsal, preparing all the teaching aids (which was not an easy task), and lots more. finally, it has come to an END today. syukur..yang x terhingga. terlalu sangat bersyukur. :)

the next task will be writing a reflection from the micro teaching session as well as identifying and justifying my teaching methodology..which again..will NOT be an easy task too.huhu..that is normal, isn't it? as students, we need and have to face a lot of obstacles, therefore we can experience our learning meaningfully. of course along the way, you will struggle and find yourself at the end of the road, but wait, hey come on..there are always more doors to explore..and you should not let yourself down. trust and have faith..and trust ALLAH...for HE will definitely help you in any situation (when you seek for it).

that is it. for now. will write more when i want to. haha..for now, just would like to express PERASAAN YG BERSYUKUR TIDAK TERHINGGA PADA ALLAH DAN KEGEMBIRAAN MELAMPAU..only for today! later, will need to work on my story telling collections assessment pula. huhu..cayok2..you can, i can! :D have a good day friends.

special thanks to all friends. utk segala support n semangat serta betapa cooperative nye kalian dlm kelas. huu.. may ALLAH bless u olwiz. :)

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