Tuesday, October 13, 2009


alhamdulillah that now everything is over
i am looking for a new bright sunshine
a new me
and the old me
in my life

may the new start will always be blessed and showered
with YOUR endless guidance, love and care

thank you ALLAH for the wonderful feelings that YOU makes me feel
and thank you ALLAH for YOUR kindness and mercy
above all thank you ALLAH for YOUR endless love

thank you to all those who give me support
all through this while
only ALLAH can repay your kindness
and always know that
in my very own special way
i am sorry if i am not a good friend
because i am not a perfect person
and will always not
but i know, i will try my best

special thanks to farah, aisyah, ain, and more friends
the biggest special thanks goes to my beloved umi
for your endless support and prayers

thank you
your generosity and understanding
have always brighten my days
though we are far apart from the distance
yet we are so close in our hearts and prayers
may ALLAH bless all of us


SERVANT said...

Sahabat,kadangkala musuh menjadi teman yang sangat baik, kerana ia menyingkapkan segala kelemahan dan kesilapan kita..
Akui kesilapan, belajarlah daripadanya.. dan tingkatkan diri..
Andai telah diberi peluang, usah kecewakan mereka..
Jadilah Hamba-Nya yang tahu bersyukur kepada-Nya, juga kepada hamba-hamba-Nya...


rAbiAtuL aDaWiyAh said...

syukran ya ukhti for the reminder.may ALLAH bless you there..olwiz. :)